We finished our steel table here are the results before and after the making of the table Top (Before on the left and After on the right): This is the results of the the table and chairs resprayed and fully installed: Like our latest project? Please contact us @ 0813920467 or info@cheritree.co.za with any… Read More

One of our clients came to us and asked us to re-spray an old steel table and 8 steel chairs. The table has old wooden decking planks that have unfortunately been warped and has a lot of weather damage. This is what it looks like right now: Completed product coming soon! Stay tuned for the… Read More

Did you know that CheriTree has an online shop which you can order online? Most of the time our products are custom made by custom order, but there are some exceptions where the product you need or want could be already stocked. If a product is custom ordered, depending on the size, type and availability… Read More

Wooden Sign Boards We do custom wooden wording for all kinds of occasions like weddings – birthdays – mothers day and any other specials events on your calendar. No orders to small for us… Give us a call today 081 392 0467 Remember – We also do commercial Shop Signs.… Read More

Did you know Cheri Tree has embarked on a new assignment? That’s right we are sticking to the line of carpentry, but we are starting a new range of products: Customized signs! That’s right we have decided to make new signs like these for you. This specific sign was made and installed by the Cheri… Read More

We are now very proud to present that our company has registered our business under the name of FLYING ROCKER (PTY)LTD we are currently changing all our pages so that they will display our new companies name. Although Cheri Tree will not change its name we will be displaying our new (PTY) LTD company name at… Read More

One of our Clients came to us with this photo of a room divider: and asked us to replicate the design as close as possible with their own description of sizes. So we studied the picture and tried to replicate the pattern on a separate template, once we were satisfied that the template looked as… Read More

Carpentry – carpentry -CarpentRy The new year 2018 is upon us with wild dreams and hopes ahead. So lets get it going with that abandoned wood project hiding away in the garage or that awesome custom table you were always dreaming about. 0813920467 Let us add some of our custom flair to your wood dreams.… Read More

We make wooden kists such as the one in this picture. We have launched a new range of combining functionality with stylish living. Hence the name, Coffee Kist – it basically explains itself. The concept behind the new design is to be practical in our modern living with limited space. So the idea is to… Read More