Handyman News & Tips

Flying Rocker – A few CNC Examples

Here are a few examples of the possibilities that our CNC Machine can do. We are still working on 3D Engraving. We can cut and engrave on any wood, Aluminum and plastic. If you have the example we can make it. Orders can be placed via email (with photos or examples please): info@flyingrocker.co.za, or to… Read More

New to Flying Rocker – CNC Cutting and Engraving

We have recently opened up a new division of Flying Rocker. Now you can order you’re very own custom design Sign. We are still playing around and figuring out our unique “Nish” but here are a few of our first experimental signs we have tried out so far! Like what you see? We are still… Read More

Coming Soon!!! CNC Carvings and engravings

Do you sometimes walk into a crafter’s shop looking at all the beautiful carvings and engraved wording on sign boards and wish you could have your own wording added to the beautiful sign? Well now you can order your own custom designed sign. All you have to do is send us an email with a… Read More

Handy Man Services

For those of you who are new here and are wondering about all the services we provide here is a list of just a few of the services we provide: Carpentry – For all your woody needs Welding – So you never have to worry about your security again Painting – Bring some colour back… Read More

Custom Designs

  Did you know that Pretoria Handyman Services works hand in hand with Cheritree to create custom designer wooden signs for the public. Whether it be Business sign, a present for someone or just a pretty decoration for your home, we can make it. You have the choice of giving us an example of the… Read More


Pretoria Handyman services provides a wide range of services, one of these services is Carpentry! We fix any wooden furniture, wooden door frames, Picture frames etc. We also are really handy in making new wooden products such as: Wooden tables, coffee tables, chairs etc. You can find some of our products that we have made… Read More

Need a Welder that you can trust and Rely on?

Do you need a welder who can fix your Welding problems the Right Way? Whether it be fixing a gate or manufacturing a new one we can do it. You can hand over all your Welding woes to us and we guarantee we will fix all your welding problems The Right Way!!!  Please contact us… Read More

Painting with High Quality Paints

  Most people who plan on painting a house or just one room usually are always looking for the cheapest paints available. But have you ever thought that these ‘cheapest’ paints that you are buying could be costing the same amount as what more expensive paints with better quality would cost you. Here at Handyman… Read More

Handyman-in-pretoria.co.za – A brand new Website

The Handyman Franchise has expanded its network with a brand new Website: handyman-in-pretoria.co.za .It is still the same company just a different name. So go check out our brand new website right now! handyman-in-pretoria.co.za… Read More

We do Welding!!!

Did you know that Pretoria Handyman Services specializes in a wide range of Maintenance Categories one such as Welding. We do repairs, maintenance and create new things out of Steel. We have a special team set out just for Welding specifically. Whether you need a new gate made, an old palisade or even an old… Read More