Flying Rocker – Exciting first Week

Wow what an exciting first we had. This was our first official week of making exciting new products with our new CNC Machine. We found lots of new and exciting templates that we wanna try out next week and in the months and years to come. We also got to try out a few new exciting color combinations on a few name signs we made, we tried out a few signs, with a lot of wins and a few fails along the way as we still figure out how our program works. Hopefully we will be able to work out the program so that we can start making even cooler projects in the future!

For now here are a few reruns of all our projects so far:

Till next week. Get your own designs and we will make it for you!

Orders can be placed via email (with photos or examples please):, or to check that theres a real person on the other side you can give us a call on: 081 392 0467;). All quotes will be given via Email only.