Flying Rocker – CNC engraving, CNC carving, CNC lasering + Installation if needed

Well I know we have been talking a lot about about CNC carving,engraving and lasering this past week or so. But that is only because we are so excited about getting our new products out there.

We can engrave names, words anything you can imagine.

We can laser out photo’s picture frame decorations etc.

Want a cool 2D or 3D Carving done we can do that to, whether it be an animal, word, name or maybe even an exotic tribe or culture symbol.

We can do all this in the style of your choice. Carvings and 3D printing can only be done on all types of wood.

Orders can be placed via email (with photos or examples please):, or to check that theres a real person on the other side you can give us a call on: 081 392 0467;). All quotes will be given via Email only.